Artist Laura Gunn expresses the elemental movement of terrain, sky, and water in her work. Her abstracts invoke echoes of lands and seas, yet they are not inspired by specific places.  She coaxes and blends the colors and forms she observes in nature as she feels moved, seeking to instill a feeling of strength and serenity in each painting.

Unbound by traditional methods, Gunn, a self-taught artist, has developed a unique approach to the mediums she uses. Her latest collection of large-scale watercolors on canvas, features methods she has cultivated over a decade of experimentation and practice. Her use of the natural movement of water combined with her delicate brushwork creates otherworldly yet familiar vistas.

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“Color and form have a powerful impact on human emotion...

We travel thousands of miles, sleep outdoors, and climb daunting heights just to get a glimpse of something beautiful. This is because beauty changes us. It calms us. It reassures us. It inspires us. It strengthens us.

I’ve spent my life seeking that strength. And from my earliest memories I found it in color. I was endlessly cutting, pasting, sewing, drawing, or painting--obsessed with how each color combination creates a different feeling. My artwork is a culmination of years of experimentation and practice--seeking those elusive emotions. Painting abstracts allows me to have raw and intimate interaction with color and form. When a painting is complete, it seems to take in a deep breath and exhale in relief. And I feel it--the peace, the calm, the strength.”